Hiroki on my 5'5" Microwings Quad Fish.

Hiroki(Eishin surfboards testpilot) on my 5'5" Microwings Quad Fish.

Board data: 5'5" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/4"

Bottom contour : Vee entry to double concaves + single slot concave out.
Rocker : Low entry fish rocker + highperformance tail rocker.
Outline combo : Sleek fish outline + microwings + thruster sprit fish tail.

Fin setup : AK4 template plywood quad fins glass_on

Eishin surfboards
Name: Hiroki Abe(阿部 紘樹)  eishinsurfboards@hotmail.co.jp

Blood type: O

Date of Birth: Aug 02, 1982

Birth place: Sendai/MIYAGI/JAPAN

Reside: Isumi/CHIBA/JAPAN