Introducing Eishin surfboards.

photo by Dane Peterson.

Eishin surfboards
Name: Eishin Sato(佐藤 英進)

Blood type: B

Date of Birth: Nov 25, 1973

Birth place: Matsudo/CHIBA/JAPAN

Reside: Ichinomiya/CHIBA/JAPAN

Home Break: Taito Beach /CHIBA /JAPAN.

1990 surfing started.

1991~ Surfboards designs is learnt to Rich "Toby" Pavel with Sandiego California USA .

2004 Professional surfer's career started.

2007 Japan Pro Surfing Association  Tanysurf Noseride Masters 1st Place.

2008 shaping work start.
           I learned  to all work of surfboards for Takuya Yoshikawa

2010 The initiation of the design is received to Rich "Toby" Pavel  with shape of real fish.
            The initiation of the design is received to Manuel C.Caro with shape of Displacement Hull.

2011 A new design is created while faithfully defending culture centering on Trad Log, Fish, and Displacement Hull now.

Special thanks to Mr,Mitsui of M's surf & sports.

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